Thursday, October 30, 2014

Three events left

With just three events left, anything can happen.

Then throw in two majors left, the last two events of the year, and we have tons of room for movement.

Terry Gallops' consistency this year has pushed him to the top by Brian Schweberger is on heels. Nate Sexton and Michael Johansen are also in striking distance.

While it's not over, Dave George appears to be the guy hoisting the masters trophy this year. With a commanding lead, George looks like he will coast to his first title.

The advanced division has lots of room for movement. Ross Trevor has lead all year but Nick Licare has been playing great in the last part of the year and is poised to win the title. Don't count out defending Champion Todd Gingerich as he in third.

Without a doubt the most amazing race is in intermediate. Matt McKone and Jason Henard are now tied. Yes, tied. Amazing! These two have both hit their event caps but with two majors left, certainly will erase some smaller performances.

Reidsville this weekend will close out the central division. Then we head to Rocky Mount for the East Major before finishing in Durham for the Triangle Major.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Points Through Craven Chains!

All points are updated through Craven Chains.

As the season winds down, we have some very intense and close races. Check them out!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Points Updated after Midtown!

All 4 leaders retained their leads after Midtown despite none of them picking up a victory.

The story that could get real interesting is involving Nate Sexton. Just recently moving to Chapel Hill via Oregon, Nate has already climbed into 4th place on the series after his win at Midtown.

And since Jason Hennard said I never say anything about him other than his name, here is a paragraph about Jason. Jason is leading intermediate. There's your paragraph, sir.

It's a busy time of the year for the series - back to back weekends in Charlotte (2nd weekend in pro only) before heading to the Oak Hollow Open.

See you guys on the course!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Leader in Open after Central Major

Terry Gallops' runner up finish in Whispering Pines put him in the lead in the Series for the first time this year. His lead over Brian Schweberger is very slim.

Leaders through Sandhills:

Open - Terry Gallops
Masters - Dave George
Advanced - Ross Trevor
Intermediate - Jason Hennard

With all 4 leaders registered for the next event, The Midtown Chiropractic Raleigh Disc Golf Championship, the guys chasing them will need strong performances!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Update through The King's Cup

Points are now updated after Tar Heel and King's Cup.

Check the full standings out to the right!

Current Leaders:
Open - Brian Schweberger
Masters - Dave George
Advanced - Ross Trevor
Intermediate - Jason Hennard

Monday, May 5, 2014

Results after the Clash - First Major on Series

The Carolina Clash has quickly become a must play for any disc golfer. Since being considered a warm up event for the 2012 worlds, this event has risen to one of the top events in North Carolina. This year was no different as a total of 184 players headed to Charlotte to take on some of the world's best courses.

Due to it's steller repuation, The Clash was award the first Major event on the NC Series for 2014. Points were doubled at the event to highlight the importance of the event in North Carolina.

Let's face it, Michael Johansen is pretty much unstoppable at Hornet's Nest. He showed this again this year with a 10 throw win. The 100 points for the win now puts him in first place in the series. Brian Schweberger is hot on his tails.

Dave George's solid finish of 4th put him in the lead on the series in Masters. Clash winner Dennis Young now sits in 3rd.

The Advanced division is an extremely close race. Ross Trevor currently leads after his 5th place finish in Charlotte. However 5 players, including Clash winner Chris Dickerson, are within 40 points of him.

Another solid finish for Jason Hennard at the Clash puts him in the lead.

Next stop is to the triangle for the Tar Heel Tournament.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Midtown Chiropractic Raleigh Disc Golf Championship


July 19th - July 20th, 2014

A PDGA Sanctioned B-Tier Event

A NC Point Series Triangle Division Event

Entry Fees:

Men’s Open: $70                                   All other Pro Divisions: $60
Men’s Advanced Division: $50                All Other Advanced Divisions: $40
All Intermediate Divisions: $40                 Recreational / Jr. Divisions: $35                                  Non PDGA / Not Current PDGA Member - Add $10

Registration covers entry, NC Points Series Fees, all PDGA fees, and $1 Ace Pool

All PDGA Divisions will be offered however there must be 3 competitors in a division for the division to be opened, except for women and junior divisions.

Pre-Registration Options:

1.    Email ( or text (919-389-5780) Robert Leonard the following information and then pay on site:

PDGA # (If applicable)

If you do not get a response of "in" please consider your registration as not received. 

2.    Mail a check made payable to Robert Leonard to:

8247 Martello Ln. 
Raleigh, NC 27613

3.    Paypal gift the funds to:

TD Contact Info:

Robert Leonard


FIELD IS LIMITED TO 150 PLAYERS (First come first serve!)

Only 90 event player packs will be ordered. If we receive more than 90 Amateurs, these players will receive a merch credit of equal value.

Schedule: POOLS WILL BE ASSIGNED THE EVENING OF THURSDAY, JULY 17th on the Event Registration Page

Pool A:

Saturday, July 20th

Round 1 – Cedar Hills

Check in Begins at Cedar Hills – 7:00 AM

Check in Ends – 8:30 AM

Players Meeting Begins – 8:35 AM

Round 1 Starts – 9:00 AM

1 ½ hours after round ends – Round 2 starts at Zebulon

Sunday, July 21st

Round 3 – Middle Creek

Play Begins – 9:00 AM

1 ½ hours after round ends – Round 4 begins at Buckhorn

Pool B:

Saturday, July 19th

Round 1 – Zebulon

Check in Begins at Zebulon – 7:00 AM

Check in Ends – 8:30 AM

Players Meeting Begins – 8:35 AM

Round 1 Starts – 9:00 AM

1 ½ hours after round ends – Round 2 starts at Cedar Hills

Sunday, July 20th

Round 3 – Buckhorn

Play Begins – 9:00 AM

1 ½ hours after round ends – Round 4 begins at Middle Creek

***All Awards will take place at your final course***

Layouts Used:

Cedar Hills – All divisions – long tees except hole 10. Pins will be in the short / traditional tournament locations.

Zebulon – All divisions will play the same tees, the standard layout

Middle Creek – All divisions will play the long tees, including 8, on all holes

Buckhorn – All pro divisions, advanced men and advanced masters will play the All Star Layout (long 1, long 2, long 3, long 4, short 5, short 6, long 7, long 8, short 9, long 10, long 11, long 12, long 13, long 14, long 15, short 16, short 17, short 18). All other divisions will play all the short tees.